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Tutoring for Chemistry

Free of Charge

The primary focus in tutoring chemistry is for students to be confident in the important topics of basic, general, and even organic chemistry. Tutoring services include the following topics:

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Molar Conversions

Properly convert grams to moles to atoms using the box method.

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Review ions and how to determine atom charge from a written chemical formula.

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Bonding and Structures

Overview of carbon bonding and drawing organic structures as a basic introduction to organic chemistry.

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Chemical Equations

Properly balance equations and determine products in an equation when given only the reactants.

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States of Matter

Determine solids, liquids, and gases, and review the differences between physical and chemical changes.

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Overview of stereochemistry and identifying stereogenic centers, R and S molecules, and diastereomers/enantiomers.

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Proper naming of acids and compounds by a chemical formula.

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Reaction Types

Review the different types of reactions based on a given formula (redox, acid-base, precipitate, combustion, etc.).

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NMR and Spectroscopy

Overview of nuclear magnetic resonance and reading and analyzing spectroscopy.

Chemistry tutoring is offered both online and in person:

completely free of charge

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